It always some ish! (My Tattoo story)

If you know me personally, you know that I LOVE Tattoos.

I love the whole process: going to the tattoo parlor, deciding what you’re going to get, watching the tattoo artist draw it. I mean everything about it from the sound of the needle to that first pinch of pain that you feel as the needle touches your skin.

I had been waiting nearly 2 long years since I got my last one before I got my new one. I go into the tattoo parlor (which will remain nameless for now) and get my tattoo. It went fine and it really didn’t hurt that much.

Fast forward to a couple of days later and my tattoo is hurting. It’s hurting more than it did when I got it and it looks bruised around it. I call my friend Tasia, who had a horrible experience with a tattoo on her leg (like mine) at a tattoo party. I described my symptoms to her and she said it definitely sounded like what happened to her. The tattoo artist dug into her skin too deep and bruised her. My tattoo is still going through the process of the scab coming off, etc but it don’t look right.

It don’t look as bad as this but you get what I’m saying.

As I am writing this blog, my tattoo doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look black, it looks gray. I spoke with the owner of the tattoo parlor and he said that with leg tattoos, you must give your tattoo like 5 weeks to heal. He said I can come back and get it retouched. He said the shop does retouches for free. (Cause I sholl wasn’t about to pay!)

So there may be hope for this tattoo but we shall see.

My mama told me to stop getting tattoos, but I can’t help myself.

Even after all of this, I still want another one….

(Letting out an exasperated sigh),


4 thoughts on “It always some ish! (My Tattoo story)

  1. lol tats are your drugs

  2. I know!I can't help myself….

  3. Me too veronica. Check out my tattoo video on youtube. Look for Dreamsle.

  4. Its always good to go back to the same place or person that previously did your tat job (if any). However if you are someone is reading this and happens to have no tattoos at all….keep it that way. Stay away from them tats. If I had that mentality when I was younger I would have never got my tattoo.

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