My Latest Obsession

I always discover the best things really, really late after they peak in popularity. For example, I was late on Drake and on touch screen cell phones.

But I’m really late on my newest obsession: Veronica Mars
Yes, Veronica Mars. #dontjudgeme

I stumbled on it during a boring night at home while exploring my OnDemand. (Which by the way ain’t what it used to be. They don’t never have ish no more!) Anyway, they had the first 3 episodes posted, so I sat and watched them. Then as they continued to post more, I found myself anxiously waiting for the next episode. Even though you can view most of the episodes online, I wanted to wait so I could watch it on my TV screen.

I’m just that crazy.

I was late to work yesterday because they had posted the first season finale & I was not going to wait until I got out of school to see it either. I had to watch it!
As we speak, I find myself debating on whether or not I want buy the 2nd& 3rd seasons on DVD. That’s a damn good show. I wish I could’ve discovered it when it was still on.

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