I can’t leave em alone

There’s something about a thug. Yes, a T.H.U.G. *sigh* No matter how hard I try to not mess them, don’t give my number to them; it’s always one that manages to slip through the cracks on me.

A little history:
I’m from the south side. The South Shore neighborhood also affectionately known as Terror Town. So of course in my whole life, I have been surrounded by these thugs. You know, the baggy jeans, crispy gym shoes, white-tee in the summer type of dude. For the most part, I TRY to stay away from that type. But it’s always that cool, laid-back street smart dude that gets you.

When I first moved back to Chicago in 2007, I was on. I had my car, had a little job, I was cool. My former friend had moved on 55th in the Back-Of-The-Yards neighborhood. She used to buy green from this neighbor down the street named Kamane. Kamane was about 5’9”, thick like a football player (he used to play in high school) chocolate, cool as hell and seeexxxyyy. So of course with my Veronica swag, he tried to get at me& I went for it. (don’t front. you would have too!) He was more than just a weed man. He was actually knowledgeable about issues and had goals in life that went beyond trying to be the next Nino Brown.

But when he decided to get back deep in the game, his schedule got really busy. (You know with everything that comes with being the top dog)So we were hot n’ heavy for about 5 or 6 months before we slowly went our separate ways. No hard feelings or anything, it had just run its course. My friend was still in a “relationship” with his younger brother so I always knew what was up with him, etc.

So I continued living my life in 2008, working and chilling, the usual. But that all changed on Dec.14, 2008, when I was awakened to a phone call from my former friend.

“Veronica, Kamane is dead,” were the words I woke up to on that cold Sunday morning.

I was totally shocked. Like, I never would’ve thought that could happen to a guy like him. Sure, he was in the streets. But he was so coooool. He was hilarious, generous and had a smile that could light up any room. And just like that, a hater ended his life. He was only 24. It still bothers me that he won’t be able to see his kids grow up and that I’ll never see him again but I’m Still Standing.

Which brings me to today. Since that unfortunate incident, I have really tried to be picky about the men I date. Even though we can all die at anytime, its best to avoid those who specialize in day to day dealings with guns & drugs.

*sigh* I recently just met a cutie (with a capitol QT), who has a job but also has an after work job too, (if you know what I mean) and he has all the charming qualities that those THUG’s posess: laid-back attitude, charming, crispy gym shoes and he had on a white-tee when it was hot the other day.

Have I learned from my experiences? I think so.

But for some reason I still just can’t leave ‘em alone….

2 thoughts on “I can’t leave em alone

  1. I am not really into thugs like that but I can understand where you coming from. I like a guy with street smarts,educated, swag, and a few thuggish ways so I can relate a bit. One reason why I do not mess with thugs is because I dont have the patience nor the tolerance to deal. Please believe, I have dated a few in my life time so I know the bullshit (if you ask me) that comes with it. Another reason I dont bother with them is because of the same reason you listed. I dont wanna get close to someone that has that type of lifestyle. I dont wanna get close and then one day wake to find out someone has taken their life. That has got to be painful to experience and I sympathize with you girl. Stay away from them thugs period. Its cool to have yo side hustle getting money, but stay away from them hardcore killas lol!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback honey!I'm still learning&growing.

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