Are we really this desperate? (inspired by the ridiculous)

Why is it that women will do damn near anything to get and keep a man? A woman will lose all of her friends and damn near her family before she gives up, not a good man (cause I could understand that) but a trifling ass, no-good, broke, lying, ridiculous ass man!

Come on, are we for real?

I mean, I understand. We all want someone to be with in one way or another but how much are you willing to sacrifice? I’ll tell you what I’m willing to do. I’m going to be who I am no matter what. You were who you were before you was with the man, why would you change now? I’m not talking about the gradual changes that people go through as they grow in life. I’m talking about dumbing yourself down to relate to a person or trying to be ‘hood when you know that’s not in your character.

We all have friends or have had friends that once they got with they man, they did a whole 180 on us. Not the healthy 180, but the she don’t hang out no more, picking up the man’s bad habits(like excessive smoking and drinking) and just trippin. But of course, they don’t see this behavior at all. They don’t think the it’s rubbing off on them.

But really, if a man isn’t bringing you up, isn’t he dragging you down?
I’m just saying.

(Did Yvette really need Jody’s trifling ass? Hell naw!)

It just really bothers me when I see women, who are the best women a man could have, settling and give their heart& soul (and sometimes they money too!) to these brothers who by all accounts aint ish! Like WTF!

Is it a self-esteem issue? Is it settling for less than our best?
Or are we really this desperate?

Single Black Female (& having waaayyyy too much FUN in the process!)

2 thoughts on “Are we really this desperate? (inspired by the ridiculous)

  1. Its a combination of a lot of things. Some women are scared to be alone and settle for whateva they can find. There are women out there that just gotta have a man around. These women have never felt what its like to be alone therefore they havent taken the time to soul search and understand their self worth Its ok to be alone. Self esteem issues are the main cause too. Theres a problem when you gotta dumb yourself down for someone. Some women try soooo hard to be loved. Maybe they didnt experience love from a male (such as a father figure) while growing up and it has affected them. Growing up without any positive male figures can take a toll on some people. For others, it may not even affect them at all. But if positive male figures were incorporated in her life, maybe, like you say, that person is just desperate for love. And its not such much as having a positive male figure but positive figures PERIOD. It could be a strong mother, an encouraging sister, a motivational cousin, something!! But what is really causing this desperation and self esteem issues? What type of examples did she have in her lifetime? You have to look in the life and the mind of that person to fully understand. Once ppl get a dose of what they think is love, they try their hardest to hold on to it. Only problem is, real love SHOULD NOT be hard to hold on too!

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