It never ends: Fake and Phony people

So I’m working at Chicago Public Schools for the summer as a communications intern. I noticed during the first week that there was a girl I went to high school with that also works here. I never really was that cool with the girl so we never spoke to each other. Cool.

So last Saturday, I’m at Cherry Red celebrating my homey C.J’s birthday. As my friends and I are walking through the crowd, I hear this girl scream “Hey, Veronica!”
Guess who it is.
Lil mama that sees me everyday and never says a word. She has even avoided eye contact with me before on several occasions. I just looked at her goofy self.

Now why I ask, did she do that? To make her friends think that she has some other friends or something.

I thought I knew about fake people but this just took the cake for me.

I haven’t seen her since Saturday. If I do see her, I’m going to say “Hey girl, you too fake!” just as loud as her “Hey, Veronica.”

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