The always entertaining CTA

Is it just me or is the CTA the craziest place, you ever been to in your life? Everyday I ride the red line from 87th street to Monroe and nearly everyday I run into something that makes me wish I could drive downtown. First, I’ll start with the preachers. You will be sitting comfortably on the train, reading your paper when all of a sudden the person next to you jumps up and says, “OOHH! The Lord has been good to me!” before he goes into a speech about how he was a drunk (he smells like liquor of course) and got saved. Then he wants to pass out different cloths that symbolize love and prosperity. And then, if you can, could you please spare some change.

And I can’t forget about my talented brothers and sisters on the Jackson and Monroe train stops. Most of them can’t sing but they make me laugh and they get a decent amount of pocket change. I can’t knock their hustle.

While these occurrences sometimes get on my nerves, I know that the train ride would be a long one with out them. Holla!

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